Prayer Groups

The “Stitch & Prayer Quilt Ministry” is a prayer ministry that combines the gift of quiltmaking with the gift of prayer for someone special, i.e. illness, marriage, birth of a baby, personal crisis, or other reasons but each for someone in special need of prayer. The quilts are put together with love and are knot- tied at each square with prayer. Each knot represents a specific prayer for the person who receives the quilt.

How does it work? First a person is recognized for the need of a prayer quilt and then each member of this ministry works on the quilt together. When the quilt is finished, it is given to one person on the ministry team to tie the knots of prayer for this specific person.

How can you get involved? Come and join us. You do not have to know how to quilt to be a part of this ministry. Just come and make a difference in the lives of others.
This ministry meets at 10:00 AM every Wednesday at UGBC Quilting room.

Stitch and Prayer Ministry

Library Media Center

Adult One, Young Adult Class

Meets each Sunday, following class for prayer. Prayer focus is on the worship service, our Pastor, and worship leaders.

In Service Prayer
A time of prayer during worship

Cottage Prayer

Hosted in homes or local establishments for fellowship and prayer. Prayer focus is on missions, community needs, and families or individuals. Check calendar for schedule.