Monthly Archives: October 2013

World Hunger Donations Report

On Sunday, October 20 the WMU sponsored a luncheon, asking for donations for World Hunger. We are pleased to report that $1319.00 in donations were received. Thanks to all who made donations! These funds will help some of the nearly 870 million people affected by hunger.

World Hunger and You

W Hunger 2HUNGER affects nearly 870 million people and the deaths of about 5 million children each year. Please help alleviate this problem by making a donation at the World Hunger Luncheon on Sunday, October 20, in the Arbor following the worship service. We have been blessed to be a blessing!

Christmas Shoebox Update

ShoeboxA BIG THANK YOU to all who donated shoeboxes for the children in Armenia. Eighty-six, yes 86, children will be blessed with a Christmas gift because of your generosity and love.

Daily Encouragement

A new feature on our website is a daily bible verse on the right hand side. You’ll see the last 5 links on the right hand side. We hope that this will give you encouragement throughout your week, and start your day off right.